Fruit Stickers

(A Retrospective)

2 ––––––––––––––– 5

Upstairs, {Suite} Gallery

Curated by:

Billie McGuinness
Briar Lomas
Christopher Simon
Liam Collinson
Mia Walsh
Rosa Shand

Plastered with abandon on the skins of fresh produce, fruit stickers are micro marketing to the dimensions of 2cm².
Whether you’ve sunk your canines into one unwittingly or
enjoy sticking them to any given surface, there’s no denying
fruit stickers are everywhere.

This exhibition will act as a reflection on numerous aspects of the fruit sticker, from their aesthetic prowess (or lack thereof),
to their obvious plastic materiality. The mundane yet unique personality of each sticker is part of their appeal, and brings
into question: what purpose they serve, what they are telling
us and whether they are here to stay?

Join us upstairs at {Suite} Gallery between the 2 –––– 5 of October to look up close at these adhesive curiosities, and
to gain a new perspective on an old foe.

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